Taylor's Mistake

God's gift to paragliding

Taylor's is the premier flying site in Otautahi and one of the best coastal flying sites in Aotearoa.  Our take-off site is only 10 minutes drive from both quirky Lyttelton and the beautiful Sumner Village - great places to explore, shop or grab a coffee after your flight.

We fly on the sea breeze which means when 'its on' we can continually stay in the air and explore the beautiful coast line around Taylor's Mistake bay and Scarborough Cliffs.  Paragliding this area truly is a special and memorable experience which can relax, inspire, and thrill all in one flight.  We aim to stay in the air for around 20 min to give you a decent time to soak in this incredible experience. 




Otautahi XC 

Barnett offers a long cruisy XC (cross-country) flight from Mt Pleasant, the highest point on the Port Hills, down the valley to Moncks Bay.  With a distance of 2.7 km it's one of the longest flights in town.  Light thermals can sometimes be felt popping off to give you a taste of what cross-country paragliding is all about. 

John Britten2.jpg


XC Otautahi

If you can't get enough of flying the Mt Pleasant spur, we can also fly the western side!  Another +2 km XC flight, this one has sensational views of the Heathcote valley and the city beyond. Britten is a long cruisy XC flight perfect for enjoying the serenity of paragliding. 

John Britten3.jpg

The Gondola

Not for the faint hearted. 

The Gondy hosts one of the more 'game on' take-off sites.  Some people often think paragliding is "jumping of a cliff"; well to clear that myth up it isn't, but if that's what you want then the Gondy will be as close to fulfilling your wish as legally possible.   

You will be rewarded with sensational views of the Heathcote valley.

Upper Cass2.jpg

Upper Cass

Feel the cold, feel the burn.

This one you have to work for which makes it all the more sweeter.  Upper Cass requires a 20 min hike around the Creator Rim Trail (15 if you want to ride the Gondola :) followed by a truly rewarding flight on the dying southerly wind.   

This really is one of the wildest yet nicest flights we offer.  

Upper Cass1.jpg


 The most senic spot near Otautahi?

 Probably.  It's not everyday you get to soar the inside of an extinct volcano.  But if that's what you've been missing in your life then we are pleased to give you that opportunity.  

At Allan's we soar on the sea breeze which allows us time to take in the amazing harbor views and explore the cliffs of the creators edge.  

Little River1.jpg

Little River

On the road to Akaroa? 

If you're heading out of town why not stop by Little River, grab a coffee and a cake and go for a paraglide! You may have done this road trip a few times, but you probably haven't seen the landscape from this angle before. Enjoy a cruisy cross country flight just out of the Little River township.

Little River2.jpg